Project Superman Returns

2006 — Superman Returns

Digital Compositor
  • Production company: Red Sun Productions
  • Director: Bryan Singer
  • Format: 35mm / 1 : 2.35

Compositing of Full CG shots with seaplane, rocks, water and CG waterfalls and mist. Including under water rocks and 2D light rays. Colour match to other shots and tracking of waterfalls.

Insert Lex Lutor (in front of green screen) to Mat paint and CG rocks with falling rocks and dust. Match background movement to camera movement. (section of the picture). Match green Kriptonite colour to other shots.

Insert CG rocks behind windows (green screen) during light flashes. Add windows and hull. Add water drips on both. Tracking of hull and windows. Add fog in front and behind the seaplane.

Change original water surface with CG water and rocks in BG.

Software: Shake, Boujou