Project Harry Potter III - "The Prisoner Of Azkaban"

2004 — Harry Potter III - "The Prisoner Of Azkaban"

Digital Compositor
  • Production company: Warner Bros.
  • Director: Alfonso Cuaron
  • Format: 35mm / 1 : 2.35

Precompose pictures. Exchange of the pictures content in the background by using a combination of different methods to generate the mattes, i.e. a kind of “difference-key”. Colourmatching of the precomposed pictures and the whole frame. Insert pictures into the frames during camerapan and cameracrane movement.

As mentioned above. Studio wall and frames wobbling in a different way, therefore matching of the frames to the wobbling wall.

As mentioned above. Insert pictures into the frames,while a camera movement and a focus pulling.

Software: Shake, Boujou