Project 360˚ Fahrconfigurator

2010 — 360˚ Fahrconfigurator

VFX Supervisor (on Set) / Technikal Director
  • Production company: GoodFilm / MACKEVISION
  • Director: Matthias Berndt
  • Format: HD 1080p for cinema

“Do everything what pushes the project”.

Set supervision
Responsible for set supervision at Barcelona locations like set measuring, stick tracking marker, take environment spheres and tunnels as well as lens grids and photos for colour reference.

Pipeline engineering and post production

Allocate Set photos.
Set up pipeline like naming conventions and coordinate film data management. Develop strategy of work tasks as well as coordinate test runs with producer. Bring changes of cut into pipeline as well as content changes. Coordinate and approve the externally processed orders. Develop test and control procedures together with programmer and producer. Change software programming of render tasks. Prepare results for client approvals.

Start procedures of stitch spheres and tunnels. Set extension and environment with colleges. Neutral grade. Final colour grade with colleges.

Software: NUKE, Lightroom, PTgui

Software: Nuke